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Once your pet has received their puppy or kitten vaccinations, we recommend discussing when to schedule their

spay or neuter.

This can provide your dog or cat with a variety of health and behavioral benefits. Your veterinarian will offer a tailored recommendation for your pet to ensure they are spayed or neutered at the most optimal time for their well-being.

or call us at (719) 687-9201.

How Spay & Neuter Surgery Benefits Pets

Although spay and neuter surgeries, or cat and dog sterilization, are mainly utilized to prevent reproduction, there are additional benefits to these surgeries for dogs and cats that ultimately improve your companion’s quality of life.

Prevention of Heat Cycles in Female Pets

Spaying your dog or cat can prevent heat cycles. Female pets can experience heat cycles as soon as seven months of age, which can be very uncomfortable and cause an increase in roaming to seek out the attention of male dogs and cats.

Enhance Male Pets’ Temperament & Behavior

Male puppies and kittens may develop territorial or destructive behavior at a young age, including spraying, mounting, and roaming. Having your pet neutered can prevent this type of behavior and improve their temperament for a safer, healthier pet.

Decrease Overpopulation of Homeless Pets

Because spay and neuter surgery prevents unwanted litters, it can help control the population of homeless animals in our area. It can also help reduce the stress on animal shelters, where there are currently about 6.5 million cats and dogs without a loving home of their own.

Reduce Serious Health Risks

Spay and neuter surgery can also lower the risk of more serious health problems in both male and female pets. Spay surgery can eliminate the chance of pyometra, a fatal uterine infection, and mammary cancer in females. Neuter surgery can help reduce the risk of the enlargement and infection of the prostate gland, and prevent testicular cancer altogether in males.

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